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      RSS Aggregator

      Create a New RSS Mix

      Mix any number of RSS feeds into one unique new feed!

      You can then point a parser at the new feed and display a mix of stories from various sources on your website.

      To create a new RSS Mix, copy and paste the URLs of the existing source feeds into the box below and hit Create!

      Please note, the following restrictions apply:

      1. If the target feed is not retrieved within 5 seconds we cannot add it into your mix.
      2. A maximum of 100 feeds are allowed per mix.
      3. A mix must contain 2 or more unique feeds.
      4. Mixes cannot contain other mixes, all requests will be skipped.

      [ Click here to add 4 random feeds to the box above ]

      If you'd like to base the mix on feeds from another mix, enter the Mix ID in the box below and click "Use Mix"

      RSS News Feed Directory

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